Meadowbrook Parkway Driver Injured by Brick Thrown from Bridge

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Police are searching for a suspect who threw a brick off a Meadowbrook State Parkway bridge on Saturday, hitting the windshield of a BMW and injuring two people riding inside it, authorities said.A 21-year-old Island Park man was driving his car northbound when the brick crashed through his windshield just south of Glenn Curtiss Boulevard in Uniondale, injuring his right shoulder shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday, police said.The 22-year-old West Hempstead woman in the passenger seat suffered an injury to her left eye and bruising to her mouth, police said. The driver declined medical attention, but the woman was treated and released from Nassau University Medical Center.Investigators ask anyone with information regarding this incident to call them at 631-756-3300.  All calls will remain confidential.last_img read more

Semanya smashes Ronaldo’s core crusher challenge

first_img Promoted Content9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthDisney Princesses Reimagined As “GoT” CharactersBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way17 Rare Churches Underground That Still ExistWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksInsane 3D Spraying Skills Turn In Incredible Street ArtTop 6 Iconic Supercar Movies8 Facts About Sasha Obama Caster Semenya smashed Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘core crusher challenge’ record in the Nike Living Room Cup challenge.Advertisement Caster Semenya touched her toes 176 times in 45 seconds in Nike’s core crusher challengeThe Juventus forward managed 142 reps in the 45-second challenge, only for it to be surpassed by an impressive 176 reps from Semenya.The athletics star took to Instagram to share her achievement, saying: ‘Hola fellas thanks to @cristiano for his challenge, the beast himself did his best, I also manage to scoop 176 in that space of 45 seconds.‘Not bad for a Sunday ke ya baba mfo.’Other sports stars have been trying to beat Ronaldo’s record, including Manchester United’s Portuguese duo Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Dalot, but the pair only managed a total of 117 and 105 reps respectively.Semenya was hoping to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo later this year, before the popular summer event was postponed by a year due to the virus outbreak.The South African sprinter was preparing to rival Great Britain’s Dina Asher-Smith in the 200m discipline in the Japanese capital.Ronaldo, meanwhile, was aiming to have a summer to remember too, as the Portugal superstar was aiming to lead his country’s defence of the European Championship trophy this summer.Semenya’s feat smashed Cristiano Ronaldo’s total of 142 reps in the same amount of timeRead Also: Fernandes responds to Ronaldo’s Instagram workout challengeHowever, this summer’s Euros were also pushed back a year due to coronavirus, while Ronaldo’s hopes to win this year’s Serie A and Champions League titles have also been put on hold.The forward is currently undergoing a period of self-isolation and social distancing after two of his Juventus team-mates were diagnosed with the virus last month.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… In an initiative aiming to promote exercising indoors during the coronavirus pandemic, sports stars and social media users have been challenging each other in a core strength challenge which involves touching your toes as many times as possible whilst lying flat on your back.last_img read more

Taylor’s tackles lead linebackers

first_imgFreshman linebacker Mike Taylor redshirted last season after suffering a neck injury in practice.[/media-credit]When head coach Bret Bielema released the updated depth chart at the start of the 2009 season, it was a surprise to see redshirt freshman Mike Taylor listed as a starting outside linebacker.What’s even more surprising is that the first-year starter currently leads the team in tackles. Taylor was the leading tackler once again last week, recording eight against the Buckeyes.Taylor — a 6-foot-2, 221-pound linebacker from Ashwaubenon, Wis. — has started all six games for UW, and it is fair to say he is making his presence known.The team leader in tackles is certainly proud of the high number of stops, but the individual statistics are not Taylor’s major concern.“I wasn’t expecting to lead the team in tackles — that wasn’t really my goal,” he said. “I was just focusing on getting healthy. My main goal was to get back on the field.”As a true freshman, the coaching staff raved about Taylor’s potential, but a neck injury kept him off the playing field for the duration of the 2008 season. The staff elected to redshirt the promising linebacker, and that gave Taylor a chance to learn without the pressures of performing Saturdays.“I was just getting coached up, getting healthy and preparing myself for next year,” Taylor said.With the redshirt season behind him, Taylor had an opportunity to see immediate playing time in 2009 due to the departure of graduating outside linebackers Jonathan Casillas and DeAndre Levy.Unfortunately for Taylor, the injuries returned.“During spring ball, it was frustrating to pull a hamstring, and it was even more frustrating to pull it again in fall camp,” Taylor said. “I’m just thankful to be back on the field.”Despite the nagging hamstring injuries, Taylor impressed the coaches and his teammates throughout camp, and he earned a spot in the staring lineup. According to fellow linebacker Jaevery McFadden, Taylor constantly stood out and displayed his playmaking ability whenever he practiced.“After last spring, just the way he was working, I knew he would make an impact,” McFadden said. “He has just got a special knack for making plays.”Playmaker is definitely one word to describe Taylor, who has filled up the stat sheet all season with tackles for loss, interceptions (not including one that was called back in the Minnesota game), a fumble recovery and a forced fumble.That forced fumble Taylor recorded against Northern Illinois was no accident either. In fact, Taylor informed his teammates of his intention to force a fumble before the play even took place.“He actually called that out,” McFadden explained. “We were on the bench, and me, Culmer (St. Jean) and Mike sat down and Mike was like, ‘I’m going to strip the ball the next time they give it to the running back.’”“So, we get back out there and sure enough, he strips the ball — he really called it,” McFadden continued.Needless to say, defensive coordinator Dave Doeren has been impressed with the freshman linebacker’s performance thus far.“You’ve seen the impact he has had already,” Doeren said. “He has been tremendous, and he comes out here and works hard every day.”Doeren recruited Taylor out of high school, but the in-state prospect received very little national interest. Other schools may not have noticed Taylor, but Doeren said the UW coaching staff knew that he had legitimate potential from the start.“His film was unbelievable — everyone else really just missed out,” Doeren said. “I told him when I recruited him he was going to come and if he did what he was supposed to do, he could be a four-year starter here.”With an impressive freshman season underway, Taylor is on track to perform as a four-year starter for UW, but the redshirt freshman admits there is plenty of progress to be made.“I’m learning each game, each week I’m just learning from mistakes and trying to get better,” Taylor said.Mistakes are inevitably going to surface when freshmen are receiving significant playing time, but McFadden is more than willing to play alongside Taylor, regardless of his inexperience.“He is not repeating the same mistakes over and over, and he just keeps making plays, so as a teammate you can live with that,” McFadden said.McFadden has enjoyed watching Taylor make plays for the defense so far this season, but with the 2009 campaign now at the midway point, the senior linebacker, who led UW in tackles last year, knows he needs to make up some ground to catch the freshman for the team lead.“Man, I’m trying, I’m trying to come back,” McFadden said. “I told Mike he better watch his back, because I’m coming for those tackles.”With Iowa and that physical running game coming to Madison Saturday, there should be plenty of tackles to go around.last_img read more

Bryce Harper promised free donuts for life to stay with Nationals

first_img MLB hot stove: Phillies ‘concerned’ Bryce Harper will sign with Dodgers, report says Hey @Bharper3407 we will give you unlimited doughnuts for life AND make a custom flavor for you if you stay with the @Nationals! #DoughNats— District Doughnut (@DCDoughnut) February 25, 2019Harper reportedly is courting offers from the Phillies, White Sox, Padres and Dodgers, along with the Nationals. He is seeking a long-term deal in the $300 million range, per various reports. It’s still unclear where Bryce Harper will land as his free agency continues, but one Washington D.C. bakery is offering a sweet deal for him to remain with the Nationals.District Doughnut tweeted at Harper Tuesday promising to give him free donuts for life if he resigns with the Nationals.center_img Dear @Bharper3407,@Chef_Christine made these for you today. We are #MadeInDC just like you and we would love to keep it that way. Our offer still stands: doughnuts for life if you stay with the @Nationals!Love,District Doughnut— District Doughnut (@DCDoughnut) February 26, 2019″We are #MadeInDC just like you and we would love to keep it that way,” the bakery tweeted at Harper. “Our offer still stands: doughnuts for life if you stay with the @Nationals!”It’s the second time in two days District Doughnuts tweeted at Harper. On Monday it said it would also customize any flavors for him if he remained in D.C. Related Newslast_img read more

Earliest Comb Jelly Fossil Looks Modern

first_imgOne would think that a paper listed in the category “Evolution” would include supporting evidence that evolution had occurred, but a new Evolution paper in PNAS provides more arguments against it than for it.1  An international team studying early Cambrian fossil beds in China found a comb jelly embryo essentially identical to those alive today.  Using Raman spectroscopy, they identified the comb rows (used for locomotion), an oral cavity and other diagnostic features of ctenophores, and said it looks remarkably similar to those inhabiting China seas in modern times.  This is the earliest known fossil of a comb jelly.  They dated it to 540 million years – the base of the Cambrian period.  The prior record holder was dated at 530 million years.    The authors of the paper included the renowned Cambrian fossil scientist J. Y. Chen, the avid hunter of Precambrian fossils Bill Schopf, and USC paleontologist David Bottjer.  They considered whether this fossil might fit into an evolutionary sequence.  They briefly dismissed the idea that comb jellies were intermediate between the enigmatic Ediacaran biota (08/19/2004), sponges and cnidarians (jellyfish).  Nope, can’t be, they decided; too many missing transitional forms and other problems.  Here’s what they said about that hypothesis after concluding the organism shared the pelagic (free-swimming) lifestyle of living comb jellies:In contrast with this pelagic interpretation, Shu et al. recently hypothesized an evolutionary link between the benthic, frondose Chengjiang fossil Stromaveris psygmoglena and modern ctenophores as well as some Ediacaran vendobionts.  To link these groups, they proposed that the early evolution of ctenophores was marked by a shift from a benthic, sessile existence to a pelagic habit coupled with a change in the function of their cilia from feeding to locomotion.  Such a shift would involve major changes in basic morphology and ecology and would require many (undocumented) intermediate stages.  Furthermore, their interpretation of S. psygmoglena as a stem-group ctenophore is based heavily on the presence of closely spaced branches that because they are “probably ciliated” were inferred to represent precursors of the diagnostic comb rows of ctenophores.  Given that cilia are of widespread occurrence, not only in metazoans but in protists as well, and that they have diverse functions, not only for locomotion or feeding, use of the presence of probable cilia as a prime character by which to infer a ctenophore affinity for S. psygmoglena is problematic.  Similarly, the suggestion by Shu et al. that the Ctenophora occupies an intermediate evolutionary position between sponges and cnidarians is inconsistent with numerous lines of evidence, both anatomical and molecular.They left off the evolution discussion there, concluding only that this is an “important find” and that Raman spectroscopy “can yield important data to the understanding of life’s early history.”1Chen, Schopf, Bottjer et al, “Raman spectra of a Lower Cambrian ctenophore embryo from southwestern Shaanxi, China,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 0.1073/pnas.0701246104, published online before print April 2, 2007.Notice they said that Raman spectroscopy can yield understanding about life’s early history, not that it does.  Actually, it does – it helps scientists falsify Darwinism.  The earliest comb jelly bursts onto the scene at the lowest fossil layer, fully formed and essentially modern.    Several things in this paper show the squeeze Darwin is in with the Cambrian explosion.  The authors actually use the term Cambrian explosion in the first paragraph, indicating that it is still a problem 148 years after Darwin hoped that new fossils would explain it away.  They call it a “rapid rise in the diversity of skeletonized metazoans,” a euphemism for “Darwin’s gradualism is in heap big trouble.”  Using words like “radiation” masks the problem this is for Darwinism.  It merely attempts damage control through jargon (see 04/23/2006), also known as “perception management.”  It’s not a bug; it’s a feature.    Other problems for Darwin include their frank admission that the only competing evolutionary hypothesis linking comb jellies with putative ancestors contradicts evidence from fossils, anatomy, and molecular phylogeny.  They also dispute the idea that cilia could be co-opted for the locomotive comb rows of the ctenophores.  Then they leave their paper without any better evolutionary story, merely hoping that the new technique they used will some day help evolutionists understand life’s early history.  All tired of waiting for them to understand, say aye-yi-yi-yi-yi.    Comb jellies are remarkable marine animals.  They have a complex digestive system, with mouth and “pharynx, where ingested material passes into a complex system of radiating vascular structures that include eight meridional canals, one beneath each comb row,” the authors state.  The combs are used for locomotion, another complex system.  And they give the most remarkable light shows in nature: colorful streams of blinking lights that cascade down their sides (see 12/19/2005).  Each of these are irreducibly complex systems without fossil precursors.  The fact that delicate fossil embryos of these modern-looking animals could be discerned in rocks today gives the lie to Darwin’s myth of slow, gradual evolution over millions of years.  Why don’t we be done with it and give Charlie a quiet burial at sea?(Visited 38 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Geocaching HQ Says Geocaching without Speaking a Word

first_img<> Share with your Friends:More Moving forward, we hope to offer more Hosted Visits with ASL Interpretation as well as find ways to improve and increase accessibility to the sport of Geocaching for all people. We’d love to know your thoughts, ideas and stories below. How can we make Geocaching available to everyone who wants to play? What great ideas have you seen to ensure there are variety in geocaches and accessibility for all? Geocaching HQ Hosted Visit On March 25th, it was our pleasure to invite two ASL interpreters to our Geocaching HQ Hosted Visit for the first time! The hour long visit provided the opportunity for deaf geocachers to come to HQ and get the same experience as any of our other guests. It was an awesome experience for guests and staff. We covered Geocaching history and the growth of our company from 3 employees to now just under 80, swapped geocaching stories from back home, and traded a few trackables, too. The hour flew by too quickly but we already have plans to invite the interpreters back another time! center_img Editor’s Note: What you’re seeing above is a word that sparks the imagination and inspires exploration. The ingredients a person must possess to go geocaching include only a spirit for adventure. It’s not bound by any particular facilities and especially not bound by hearing. The blog post you’re about to read is from Holly Walker. She’s the guest experience coordinator at Geocaching HQ who hosted our first visit with an American Sign Language interpreter for deaf geocachers. Geocaching HQ LobbyGeocaching For All!At Geocaching Headquarters (HQ), our goal is to make everyone an explorer and make every location an adventure. One of the most fun adventures for us is hosting guests from around the world here in our awesome lobby! Each week, Geocaching HQ schedules a limited number of Hosted Visits for the Geocaching community. It’s a great way to see a behind-the-scenes look at what happens here at HQ, meet the lackeys and hear about new things we are working on, and get the opportunity to log the official Geocaching HQ geocache. We literally get people from all over the world who travel to our headquarters here in Seattle, WA. Recently we realized that we might be missing an important opportunity to meet and engage with a large number of our worldwide geocachers, in particular, our deaf community! SharePrint RelatedThe Lackey Geocoin: An Unexpected 26,000-mile, 5-Year JourneyJanuary 21, 2015In “Community”Geocaching HQ – The Land of Extreme CoincidenceOctober 7, 2013In “Community”A Geocaching in Space Event Owner’s Guide to the GalaxyOctober 23, 2013In “Community”last_img read more

14 days agoRed Bull Salzburg hotshot Haaland now Man Utd priority target

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Red Bull Salzburg hotshot Haaland now Man Utd priority targetby Paul Vegas14 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveRed Bull Salzburg hotshot Erling Haaland is now Manchester United’s priority target for 2020.AS says United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has made the teenager his top target ahead of next season. However United will face a battle with Madrid, who are also believed to be keen on bringing him to the Bernabeu.It is claimed that Haaland ‘fits like a glove’ as Madrid are keen on finding a long-term replacement for Karim Benzema, who turns 31 in December.The 19-year-old has scored a remarkable 18 goals in 11 appearances this season, and after a recent illness, he climbed off the bench to notch Salzburg’s equaliser in this month’s Champions League clash with Liverpool at Anfield, which the Reds ultimately went on to win 4-3. last_img read more

Video: “Things Big Ten Fans Say” Is Hilarious, Spot-On

first_imgOhio State fan wearing a Buckeye sweatshirt.YouTube/ScooterMagruderThe Big Ten is in the midst of a comeback after a few years being overshadowed by the SEC, and have a number of very intriguing, strong programs. Ohio State and Michigan State have been powerhouses for years now, while Michigan, last night’s brutal loss aside, looks to be back. YouTuber Scooter Magruder has been making very funny “Thing ___ Fans Say” videos about every conference for weeks now. His SEC and ACC editions are both very funny, and on Saturday, he dropped the Big Ten. It’s a shame that he didn’t wait until the Michigan-Michigan State game to record. We think those characters might’ve had a bit more to say. Either way, this was well done as always.last_img

The latest from the Toronto Raptors Game 5 in the NBA Finals

first_imgTORONTO — 8:55 p.m.Nearly 20,000 Toronto Raptors fans inside the Scotiabank Arena have erupted into O Canada as Game 5 of the NBA Finals is set to get underway.They were joined in singing the national anthem by thousands of boisterous fans gathered in the Jurassic Park fan zone outside the arena and around the country.The Raptors have a 3-1 lead over the two-time defending champions Golden State Warriors and could win their first championship tonight.The Star-Spangled Banner was performed by Grammy-winning R&B singer Monica, best known for her chart-topping duet “The Boy is Mine” with Brandy.Canadian singers usually perform O Canada but the NBA invited Raptors fans to sing the anthem tonight.The Canadian Presslast_img