Recipe: how to make a cake out of food waste

first_imgOnce the sugar has dissolved take the bowl off the heat and pour into the mixer. Whisk this mixture until the sides of the bowl feel cool. Separate out the egg whites. Gradually add the eggs, one by one, with the mixer still going and spoon in the flour and until combined. Add the rest of the room temperature butter bit by bit. Sign our petition Once the sponge is cool, spread buttercream on top, stack them and cover with a thick, even layer of buttercream. Put 200g sugar in a pot on the hob on a medium heat. Stir frequently, making sure it doesn’t burn. Once the sugar has caramelised completely you can turn heat down a bit. Then add 90g butter and using a whisk mix together until fully combined. Pour in the double cream and mix again until fully combined. Then let the caramel sauce simmer for a minute or so. Split the mixture equally between 3 bowls and add the white chocolate to one, the cocoa to another, and the zest of three oranges to the last. Heat egg whites and 200g sugar in a bowl over a pot of water – the water should not touch the bowl. Continually whisk making sure the egg whites don’t cook. Check to see if the sugar has dissolved by rubbing the mixture together between your fingers. If you can feel the grains it needs longer! Swiss meringue buttercream: We want food to be eaten – not end up in the bin. Join our campaign and help us lobby government to take action on food waste:center_img We want you to get #SeriousAboutSurplus. To celebrate the launch of our petition, which will ask the government to help businesses redistribute surplus food to hungry people, baker Mimi Phillips kindly cooked up a cake made out of ingredients that would have otherwise gone to waste. Tuck in!,IngredientsShockingly, the ingredients used in this cake were saved from landfill by FareShare and City Harvest. To get more edible surplus food to people who need it, get #SeriousAboutSurplus and please sign our petition .This pictures are from the recipe for our golden #WasteNotWantNot bin which served 30+ people. The recipe and ingredients below will make the same cake for 10 people and can be baked in a a 8”- 9” cake tin. You’ll need: Sponge450g butter or stork450g caster sugar4 eggs3 tsp vanilla extract450g self-raising flour50g grated white chocolate50g cocoa/grated dark chocolate3 oranges zestedSalted caramel swiss meringue buttercream400g caster sugar (200g for the caramel sauce and 200g for the buttercream)360g unsalted room temperature butter (90g for the caramel sauce and 270g for the buttercream)120ml double cream1 pinch good quality sea salt3 egg whitesMarbled white chocolate, dark chocolate and orange sponge: Decorate with coloured buttercream. Once combined add the cooked salted caramel. Caramel sauce: Pour the three batters into the tin and, using a knife or skewer, swirl the batters together for a marble effect then bake for 40 mins at 160 degrees. Cream together the butter and sugar on high speed until light and fluffy. Prepare a space for decorating with newspaper.  Cover the cake with edible gold spray.  Pledge your support here Remove from the heat and stir through sea salt. Leave to cool. Decoratelast_img read more


first_imgBILL NEAL 10: Yo Neal…Neal…Neal! What? Hey man what is wrong with you, you know John Blanton has a sister don’t you? Yeah, see what had happened was… uh… See there was two nuns and the one nun said to the other nun… Neal! Oh all right I forgot her name, I am sorry. You know I “Ain’t” been the same since the concussion in 1972. Anyway “Ms. Jahnita” this one’s for you. Now all them Blantons are in “The Locker Room”. 09: Never mind the point guard skills that Jeremy Lin has used to take the Knicks on an 8-1 win streak. The boy can throw it down too. That’s the icing on the cake.08: Speaking of which, and I was, stop trying to make “Mello” Carmelo Anthony the bad guy to be. Not only will he not ruin the party but he is going to turn the music up. He only stands to gain if he can “dance to the music”. If there’s one thing every great shooter loves, it’s having someone give him the ball All… Night… Long! Just ask Drew Schifino, Chaz McCromman, Tommy Pipkins and “Bum” Coates, some of the best that ever lit it up.07: You all keep crying Pitt “Ain’t” this and Pitt “Ain’t” that and they quit on the coach, and they’re not trying. Hello…None of that is true.The truth is they’re giving you what they got… That’s all they got! You can’t make a silk purse out of (Fill in the blank) but one season does not make a Pitt career. The Panthers will be back next season as good as new… And they’re bringing a seven footer with um, and that, you Mountaineers, can take to the bank!!!06: That old saying the “Famous Die in Three’s” is a little hard to believe sometimes but…Don Cornelius, Whitney Houston and Hall of fame catcher Gary Carter all gone last week… I’m just saying!!05: First of all, to the lady in line behind me at the Dollar General Store in Penn Hills, I didn’t get your name but thanks for reading. You’re now in the “Locker Room”! Secondly, yes I stop at the dollar store, shut up, you know you do too. Thirdly I can never understand why anybody would buy something any place if it’s cheaper at the dollar store?04: Let’s see, I owe you $28 million dollars to play quarterback for my Indy Colts…you’ve had three shoulder surgeries and you’re 35 years old…Hmm, ah, well…Hey Peyton Manning, see ya!!!!!03: I know nothing about golf, I mean nothing, so what’s it tell you about how tough the game must be when the greatest of all time can’t win. Tiger will be back, be patient.02: This has to go in by itself. Everybody tell everybody to tell everybody they know that the 37th annual Kenny Durrett Memorial high school, middle school, grade school All-Star basketball classic is coming up soon, April 7. All graduating seniors, both boys and girls, city and WPIAL should call in ASAP to play in the longest running high school All- Star game in Western PA history. Call the Champions Office at 412-628-4856.01: At The Buzzer…1. Old school First Friday coming at ya March 2 at J.T’s Joint in “ The Club” Health & Fitness Center in Monroeville, 30 and over only, ID check, free parking, cash bar/ cash kitchen, 50/50 and prizes, Soul Train line dance, great vendors, the PGH Corvette Club, The Fabulous Diamond Models, and special for March…Karaoke Night…Come get your singing on…Special prize for the winner, dinner for two at the magnificent Savoy Restaurant. 2. Volley with the Stars volleyball tournament is coming in March. Call the Champions 412-628-4856 to enter your team. 3. If it’s Thursday the 23rd and it’s after 6 p.m. and you’re not upstairs at the Savoy right now you’re missing he Fabulous Diamond Models Fashion show extravaganza…C’ MON MAN!00: OVERTIMEHere’s all you need to know and this comes to you from the vice president of the “Know-It-All-Club”…Me! Dwayne Woodruff is the greatest guy in the world, end of story! (Eddie Jefferies is still president, don’t get it twisted)last_img read more

AUSTRALIAN OPEN ’19: What happens to tennis when 2 GOATS go?

first_imgIt was a terrific moment for tennis, drawing tons of attention to an otherwise meaningless exhibition event in a sport just starting its new season: Serena Williams and Roger Federer sharing a court for the first — only? — time.There they were, trying to return each other’s sublime serves during a mixed doubles match, then kidding around and showering mutual admiration on each other during a joint interview, before posing for a selfieseen ’round the world.A fan’s dream. A promoter’s, too. Also, potentially, a scary moment for tennis.Williams, owner of a professional-era-record 23 Grand Slam singles titles, and Federer, owner of a men’s-record 20, are both 37 years old, both parents and both far closer to the ends of their careers than anyone with a stake in the sport would care to think about. And so the whole scene on New Year’s Day at the Hopman Cup raised a key question, one that will be a backdrop at the Australian Open when play begins in Melbourne on Monday: What will happen to tennis when these two GOATS (“Greatest of All Time”) are gone?“I’m a little worried about it. When they’re done, it’s going to be a real loss. When Federer goes, it’s a loss, not only for individual tournaments but the tour itself. He drives so much support and fan revenue. It’s similar with Serena. They’re so well known outside of tennis. At the end of the day, I’m happy I can say I played against one of them and kind of alongside the other one,” said Sam Querrey, a former member of the top 20 who reached Wimbledon’s semifinals in 2017. “Hopefully someone can step up and take their place in terms of popularity.”That’s not all that likely.Not anytime soon, anyway.It’s become a popular parlor game to try to point to which players in their 20s now will fill the gap whenever it is that these two superstars move on.Among the names bandied about these days are Naomi Osaka, Sloane Stephens and Jelena Ostapenko among the women, and Alexander Zverev, Sefanos Tsitsipas and Denis Shapovalov among the men. That group of a half-dozen owns a total of three Grand Slam titles so far (one each for the trio of women).There are those, such as ATP Executive Chairman Chris Kermode and WTA CEO Steve Simon, who acknowledge that Federer and Williams are, as Simon put it, “very special,” but also believe tennis can survive their eventual and inevitable departures.“Whenever we see them on the court these days, it’s something everybody should embrace and celebrate. They … raised the profile and quality of tennis,” Simon said. “If there are conversations about them retiring, I’d say that we’ll certainly miss them, but it’s also something that happens in sports: Icons retire and great new icons come up behind them. No one thought anyone would ever replace Michael Jordan, and I don’t think LeBron James has done too bad a job of following him up.”Added Simon: “I hope they play for another 10 years, but if they don’t, the sport will, of course, move on while also remembering their greatness forever.”Federer and Williams have built up reservoirs of success on the court and good will off it over nearly two decades: Williams’ first Grand Slam title came in 1999; Federer’s first arrived in 2003.Her take on Federer: “Both on the court and off the court, he has such charisma.”His take on Williams: “You see how focused and determined she is, and I love that about her.”While Federer has managed to avoid any sort of real controversy at all — “His contributions have been immense both in terms of captivating audiences worldwide on the court, as well as leading by example away from the court,” Kermode said — Williams most recently faced backlash after a mid-match flare-up during a loss to Osaka in the U.S. Open final last September.The Australian Open will be Williams’ first real tournament since that outburst, which led to her being docked a game by the chair umpire and fined $17,000 by the U.S. Tennis Association, so it will be fascinating to see how things play out in Melbourne, where she has won seven titles.What everyone seems to be able to agree on is that whenever Williams and Federer — a six-time champion at the Australian Open, including in 2017 and 2018 — do decide to walk away, their imprints will be lasting ones.“They are both legends. They are champions. To see both of them still competing on a real high level was quite fun and exciting,” said three-time major champion Angelique Kerber, who was at the Hopman Cup. “I hope they will still play a few more years, as long as they can, because they are really important for tennis.”___Follow Howard Fendrich on Twitter at AP Tennis: and In this Jan. 1, 2019, file photo, Roger Federer of Switzerland returns the ball to Serena Williams of the United states during their mixed doubles tennis match at the Hopman Cup in Perth, Australia.  (AP Photo/Trevor Collens, File)last_img read more

Column: Atlanta art exhibit reminds us of Kaep’s brave stand

first_imgIn this Oct. 2, 2016, file photo, from left, San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Eli Harold, quarterback Colin Kaepernick and safety Eric Reid kneel during the national anthem before an NFL football game against the Dallas Cowboys in Santa Clara, Calif. There’s an exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta, not far from the Super Bowl stadium, dedicated to Tommie Smith and his courageous stand for social justice at the 1968 Olympics. Talk about symmetry. Smith raised a fist, Colin Kaepernick took a knee, and both paid an enormous price for doing the right thing. Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez, APATLANTA (AP) _ “Tommie Smith’s gesture continues to resonate. It has inspired similar gestures by men and women for whom Smith’s iconic image is a symbol of courage and unity in the face of bigotry and injustice _ most prominently, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who refused to stand before football games during the U.S. national anthem to protest racial injustice in this country.”_ From the exhibit “With Drawn Arms” at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.___Just a few miles from the stadium where the Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, there’s a special display of drawings, paintings and sculptures honoring the legacy of Tommie Smith, that black-gloved warrior for social justice at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.How appropriate.In this Oct. 16, 1968, file photo, U.S. athletes Tommie Smith, center, and John Carlos stare downward while gesturing skyward during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner after Smith received the gold and Carlos the bronze for the 200 meter run at the Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City. Australian silver medalist Peter Norman is at left. (AP Photo/File)As the NFL is wraps up its second full year of blackballing quarterback Colin Kaepernick, it just felt right to visit the High Museum on a brisk Thursday morning to be reminded that Smith and John Carlos, both of whom raised their fists on the Olympic medal podium, endured immense scorn and isolation for their brave gesture.Of course, the Smith exhibit is not on the extensive list of Super Bowl-related parties, concerts and shilling that have swallowed up large swaths of Atlanta.It should be.The parallels between Smith and Kaepernick are impossible to ignore.Both were punished. Both were called unpatriotic. Both were dismissed as angry Black men who should just play the game and shut up.Their gestures were peaceful yet powerful.The fist and the knee.But, even though history has largely rehabilitated Smith and Carlos for the courageous stand they took more than five decades ago, the NFL insists of making sure that Kaepernick never again sets foot on the playing field.“I don’t think Kaep is going to be signed,” said Carolina Panthers receiver Torrey Smith. “If they didn’t do it yet, they’re not going to do it now. They just want to let this stuff blow over and let their business keep on going without him.”While Kaepernick is sure to win the war, that won’t be apparent for years or even decades. The immediate battle _ his playing career _ is most likely over.For this, the NFL should carry an everlasting stain.“All he did was take a knee,” Torrey Smith said, shaking his head incredulously. “We have abusers, we have drug dealers, we have drunk drivers _ you name it _ in this league, and all he did was take a knee.”Back in 1968, International Olympic Committee chief Avery Brundage angrily expelled the Olympic protesters from his games, sending them home to face shunning, abuse and even death threats.At least Brundage _ by all accounts, a generally horrible human being _ didn’t attempt to sugarcoat his actions. He didn’t like what Tommie Smith and Carlos had done, so he punished them with all his might.We can’t say the same for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , who continues to stand by the ludicrous notion that Kaepernick’s lack of offers is a football decision , reached independently by all 32 teams.“I’ve said it many times, privately and publicly, that our clubs are the ones that make decisions on players that they want to have on their roster,” Goodell said. “They make that individually. They make that in the best interests of their team. … Individual clubs make decisions that maybe another club won’t do. And they all want to win.”Someone brought up the subject in a different manner, basically asking if Goodell was concerned that the NFL would wind up on the wrong side of history.(Spoiler alert: It will.)“If a team decides that Colin Kaepernick or any other player can help their team win, that’s what they’ll do,” Goodell said, sticking to his guns even though his nose was surely growing longer with every word.Talk about comments that won’t age well.But this is the low ground the NFL has chosen to take, and it looks like the league will prevail in ending Kaepernick’s career.“I think everybody understands and realizes what that whole situation is,” said retired receiver Anquon Boldin. “Anybody with a decent head on their shoulders would know that he deserves to be in the NFL. He’s one of the best 64 quarterbacks in the U.S. For him to not have a job the past couple of years has been a travesty.”The NFL has done a devious, highly effective job of keeping its remaining players in line, essentially buying off their support by aligning with The Players Coalition _ a group of current and ex-players that is doing some good work addressing the social issues that Kaepernick drew attention to, such as police brutality and criminal justice reform.The group split with Kaepernick and his closest ally, safety Eric Reid, and seems to have given up on the idea of getting the quarterback back in the league.“I don’t think there’s anything we can do,” said Torrey Smith, a leader of The Players Coalition along with Boldin. “You can’t force an owner to hire him. All you can do is vouch for him. I vouched for Eric Reid (who did return to the league this past season). And I vouched for Kap.”The group handed out $2 million in grants to six worthy groups during a ceremony Wednesday, an event held right in the Super Bowl media center and publicized by the league’s mammoth PR machine.Not surprisingly, there has been no mention of the Tommie Smith exhibit a few miles away.If only Goodell and the owners carved out a few minutes in their busy schedules, maybe they would realize how unjust they’ve been. Maybe they would feel at least a tingling of decency. Maybe they would finally do the right thing.There’s still time.The exhibit runs through Sunday.Super Bowl Sunday.___Paul Newberry is a sports columnist for The Associated Press. Write to him at pnewberry(at) or at His work can be found at more AP NFL: and read more

Loss of key players too much to overcome for LVR, Junior Girls finish fourth

first_imgLVR opened the tournament with a hard-fought 50-47 win over J. Lloyd Crowe Hawks.Arabia led the Bombers with 20 points while Avery Kushner added 15.Saturday afternoon outlasted a pesky Rossland Royals team 51-48.The Arabia/ Kushner tandem led LVR in scoring with 22 and 15 points, respectively.The Junior Bombers host J. Lloyd Crowe Hawks Tuesday at 5 p.m. in the Hangar.Jr. Bombers finish fourth in Girl’s tourneyThe LVR Junior Bombers took it on the chin to finish fourth in the Junior Girl’s part of the weekend tourney at the Hangar.LVR lost 40-10 to Crowe Hawks, 43-11 to Selkirk Storm of Kimberley and 38-12 to Stanley Humphries Rockers.Against Crowe Claire Young was team MVP with Annie Dergousoff leading the way with six points.Danielle Zak scored five against Kimberley and was named game MVP for the Junior Bombers while Alex Dehnel was MVP and Christina Champlin top scorer with four points against Stanley [email protected] The L.V. Rogers Junior Bombers found what it’s like to hit the ground from a high height after the Golden Eagles pounded the host club 79-21 at the Bomber Jr. Boy’s High School Basketball Tournament Saturday at the Hangar.Granted the Bombers were missing most of its starting lineup due to a school exchange trip to Quebec.“We were missing most of our guards and that was an area I thought we could exploit (Golden),” Junior Bomber coach Steve Montgomery said following Saturday’s first loss of the season.“But we get to see Golden again (later this month at a tournament) and I know the boy’s will be ready.”Two of the players missing during the weekend included guard Ethan Perkins and 6’3” Tobin Eberle.Without the starters the Bombers, undefeated entering the game, were no match for the bigger and more skilled Eagles.The Eagles toyed with LVR for the most part before the Bombers put on a bit of a run in the final quarter to make the score a little respectable.Grayson Arabia led LVR with eight points.last_img read more

North Carolina’s Smithfield lawsuits: Could Ohio’s farmers face similar results?

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Ellen Essman, Sr. Research Associate Ohio State University Agricultural and Resource Law ProgramOver the last several months, three nuisance cases have been decided against Smithfield Foods in federal court in North Carolina. The juries in the cases have found Smithfield’s large farms, with thousands of hogs, and the odor, traffic, and flies that come along with them, to be a nuisance to neighboring landowners. Smithfield has been ordered to pay hefty damages to the neighbors, and more cases against the company remain to be decided. Given the outcomes of the cases that have been decided thus far, farmers and landowners in Ohio might be wondering how Ohio law compares to North Carolina law as pertains to agricultural nuisances. Ohio’s right-to-farm lawMany states, including both Ohio and North Carolina, have “right-to-farm” legislation, which in part is meant to protect agriculture from nuisance lawsuits such as those filed against Smithfield. While nearly every state has a right-to-farm statute, they do differ in language and how they go about protecting agriculture.Ohio farmers have right-to-farm protection in two parts of the Revised Code. ORC Chapter 929 establishes “agricultural districts.” Generally, in order to place land in an agricultural district, the owner of the land must file an application with the county auditor. Certain requirements must be met in order for an application to be accepted. Slightly different rules apply if the land in question is within a municipal corporation or is being annexed by a municipality. If the application is accepted, the land is placed in an agricultural district for five years. The owner may submit a renewal application after that time is up.Being part of an agricultural district in Ohio can help farmers and landowners to defend against civil lawsuits. ORC 929.04 reads:In a civil action for nuisances involving agricultural activities, it is a complete defense if:The agricultural activities were conducted within an agricultural district;Agricultural activities were established within the agricultural district prior to the plaintiff’s activities or interest on which the action is based;The plaintiff was not involved in agricultural production; andThe agricultural activities were not in conflict with federal, state, and local laws and rules relating to the alleged nuisance or were conducted in accordance with generally accepted agriculture practices.The ORC’s chapter on nuisances provides additional protection for those “engaged in agriculture-related activities.” Under ORC 3767.13, people who are practicing agricultural activities “outside a municipal corporation, in accordance with generally accepted agricultural practices, and in such a manner so as not to have a substantial, adverse effect on public health, safety, or welfare” are typically exempt from claims of nuisance due to farm noise, smells, etc. North Carolina’s right-to-farm lawMuch like Ohio, North Carolina farmland can be part of an “agricultural district.” This program is meant to protect agricultural land — land that is part of an agricultural district is must be used for agriculture for at least 10 years. However, unlike Ohio’s law, North Carolina does not specifically spell out that land in agricultural districts will be protected from nuisance suits when the landowner follows the rules of the agricultural district. North Carolina’s law does state that one of the purposes of agricultural districts is to “increase protection from nuisance suits and other negative impacts on properly managed farms,” but unlike Ohio, it does not explicitly state that being part of an agricultural district is a defense to a nuisance lawsuit.North Carolina also has a statute which specifically spells out the right-to-farm. In response to the recent jury decisions, however, North Carolina has changed its right-to-farm law. The original law read:(a) No agricultural or forestry operation or any of its appurtenances shall be or become a nuisance, private or public, by any changed conditions in or about the locality outside of the operation after the operation has been in operation for more than one year, when such an operation was not a nuisance at the time the operation began.(a1) The provisions of subsection (a) of this section shall not apply when the plaintiff demonstrates that the agricultural or forestry operation has undergone a fundamental change. A fundamental change does not include any of the following:A change in ownership or size.An interruption of farming for a period of no more than three years.Participation in a government-sponsored agricultural program.Employment of new technology.A change in the type of agricultural or forestry product produced.The original law did not protect agricultural operations if their actions were negligent or improper. Following the first decision against Smithfield, the North Carolina legislature overrode the Governor’s veto to implement amendments to the state’s right-to-farm law. In the amendments (sections 106-701 and 106-702) the legislature substantially changed the language of the law, making what constitutes a nuisance much more explicit and dependent on certain factors. What is more, the new version of the law places limits on when plaintiffs can recover punitive damages for a private nuisance action.A comparison of the Ohio and North Carolina’s sections of legislation promoting the “right-to-farm” shows how different the two states are. Ohio’s legislative language makes it obvious that the meaning of the law is to protect agriculture from nuisance suits — by specifically stating that being in an agricultural district is a complete defense to nuisance, and that otherwise, agriculture is generally exempt from nuisance suits. North Carolina’s law concerning agricultural districts does not specifically state that being in such a district is a defense to nuisance, instead, it simply expresses the hope that districts will “increase protection from nuisance suits.” Furthermore, while North Carolina’s original right-to-farm law stated that agricultural operations do not “become a nuisance” due to changed conditions in the community, that language is not very specific. Ohio’s agricultural district language lays out exactly what must be done to have a complete defense against a nuisance lawsuit; North Carolina’s language in multiple parts of the General Statutes does not have the same degree of specificity. Permit as a defense to nuisanceIn addition to the right-to-farm law, under ORC 903.13, those owning, operating, or responsible for concentrated animal feeding facilities in Ohio have an affirmative defense to a private civil action for nuisance against them if the CAFO is “in compliance with best management practices” established in their installation of a disposal system or operation permits. North Carolina does not appear to have similar language protecting permitted farms in its General Statutes. Other factors that may come into playIn the lawsuits against Smithfield farms, the lawyers for the plaintiffs (neighboring landowners) have continuously asserted that Smithfield has “means and ability” to “reduce the nuisance from existing facilities” by ending the use of “lagoon and sprayfield” systems at their farms. Plaintiffs stress that not only is Smithfield Foods, Inc. a large, wealthy, multinational company, but that they have also changed their lagoon and sprayfield practices outside of North Carolina. In lagoon and sprayfield systems, all waste is collected in an open-air lagoon and then sprayed on fields as fertilizer. The practice was first banned for new construction in North Carolina in 1997, and in 2007, the state permanently banned the practice for newly constructed swine facilities. Although many of the facilities in question were opened before any ban on the construction of lagoon and sprayfield facilities, the plaintiffs contend that changes made in other states mean Smithfield can afford to change in North Carolina. The ban on new lagoon and sprayfield systems in North Carolina, and evidence that Smithfield has used different practices to reduce the smell from the farms in other states, likely helped the juries in the cases that have been tried to date find that the farms are a nuisance to their neighbors. The above argument is something operators of livestock facilities in Ohio should be aware of. Although Ohio has not specifically banned lagoon and sprayfield systems like North Carolina has, the ability to change the system could still potentially be used to argue nuisance. Ohio operators are supposed to follow best management practices and the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Field Office Technical guide when applying and storing manure, which include ways to reduce odor from manure and other applications, as well as reducing other types of nutrient pollution. Following such guidelines would likely help operators in any argument against nuisance.last_img read more

Arsenal complete move for PSG teen Adli

first_imgTransfers Arsenal close to completing move for PSG teen Adli Chris Wheatley Arsenal Correspondent Last updated 1 year ago 21:30 6/6/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Yacine Adli Paris Saint-Germain PSG Getty Images Transfers Arsenal PSG Premier League The Gunners are set to sign one of French football’s biggest prospects after Unai Emery persuaded the teenager to join Arsenal are close to signing 17-year-old midfielder Yacine Adli for a compensation fee of £223,000, Goal can confirm.The starlet has rejected a contract offer to stay at Paris Saint-Germain after being persuaded by new Gunners head coach Unai Emery who gave Adli his debut when he was head coach at the French giants.Adli, as first reported in France, will sign a three-year contract with Arsenal, with the option to sign for two more. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Goalkeeper crisis! Walker to the rescue but City sweating on Ederson injury ahead of Liverpool clash Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Sorry, Cristiano! Pjanic is Juventus’ most important player right now An attacking midfielder who has played for his country at Under-16, U17 and U18 level with France, Adli has scored 13 goals in 23 appearances at national team level.Confirmation of Adli’s arrival is expected to follow in the coming days along with an update on Emery’s coaching staff and the imminent signing of Sokratis Papastathopoulos from Borussia Dortmund.Emery handed him his Ligue 1 debut with PSG last season, with the youth academy graduate playing seven minutes of the final match of the season against Caen, an encounter that finished scoreless.Speaking to Goal, Adli admitted that the Spaniard and his staff made a great difference to his level.“I think I’ve become more mature, largely thanks to my integration into the adult game with the reserves, certain training sessions with the professionals. I’ve also improved technically and tactically thanks to David Hernandez, who I’ve watched a lot of videos with, which has really helped me,” he said in March.“But I think there are still some aspects I can improve. I’m aiming higher, so I’m full of things that can make me better.”Despite a lack of first-team experience, he has been a regular in the PSG squad that competed in the UEFA Youth League, turning out alongside the likes of USA international Timothy Weah for the young Parisians this season. The Ligue 1 champions, meanwhile, have struggled to retain much of the best talent coming through their youth system in recent times, with their prospects frustrated by the lack of first-team opportunities on offer at Parc des Princes. As such, the likes of Claudio Gomes and Dan-Axel Zagadou have left for the likes of Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund in recent times.last_img read more

10 months agoMan Utd hero McGrath: Players have been disgraceful

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Man Utd hero McGrath: Players have been disgracefulby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United hero Paul McGrath says several players should follow sacked manager Jose Mourinho out the door.McGrath hit out at the club’s players after the announcement.”Three or four players should be getting their suitcases at the ready, because what’s been going on, on the field, is disgraceful,” McGrath said. “I’d have a mirror put in the dressing room.”United announced Mourinho was gone yesterday as the club slumped to its worst points return after 17 matches in the Premier League era, with Sunday’s chastening 3-1 loss at Liverpool leaving them 19 points behind their bitter rivals. last_img read more

21 days agoLazio midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic plays down Euro heroics

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Lazio midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic plays down Euro heroicsby Carlos Volcano21 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveLazio midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic played down his heroics for their 2-1 Europa League win over Rennes.Milinkovic-Savic came off the bench, scored the equaliser and provided the assist for Ciro Immobile’s winner at the Olimpico.“I didn’t change the game, it was the whole team that raised the tempo. The first half was not the performance we wanted, but we won and can now prepare for Celtic,” the Serb told Sky Sport Italia.“The lads wanted to give their all, we weren’t able to in the first half, but the game lasts 90 minutes and it was important to get the points.“It’s especially important to win when you don’t necessarily play well. We now have two wins in a row under our belts and hope to get a third with Bologna this weekend.” last_img read more