Poker the standout performer in French igaming market in Q1

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitter Casino & games Tags: Card Rooms and Poker Mobile Online Gambling OTB and Betting Shops Email Address Poker the standout performer in French igaming market in Q1 France’s igaming market showed little signs of the impact of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in the first quarter of 2020, with L’Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne (ARJEL) warning that the full impact would be seen in subsequent quarters. Topics: Casino & games Finance Sports betting Poker France’s igaming market showed little signs of the impact of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in the first quarter of 2020, with L’Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne (ARJEL) warning that the full impact would be seen in subsequent quarters.Gross gaming revenue for the three months to 31 March 2020 was up 21.8% year-on-year to €435m, driven by continued growth in sports betting; the recovery of betting on horse racing, and a strong performance from poker.Poker was the standout performer of the quarter. The vertical, which struggled for years, has been growing slowly since 2017, ARJEL explained.In Q1 2020, growth accelerated to break a number of records. The monthly revenue total of €98m, was the highest quarterly figure since the French market opened, beating the previous record of €86m, set in Q1 2011.This represented a 44.1% year-on-year increase, which itself set a new record for the highest quarterly rise in revenue.Growth in poker was driven largely by lockdown, ARJEL said. For the final two weeks of March, player activity was up more than 180% from the prior year’s period. It was driven largely by tournaments, aided by operators offering players the ability to set up private games between friends, with tournament revenue rising 55.6% to €70m.Cash games also grew, albeit from a lower base, to €28m, up 21.7%.Over the quarter the average number of active accounts per week jumped 37.0% to 374,000.The clearest indication of Covid-19’s impact was seen on sports betting stakes, which declined 4.4% to €1.22bn, after major sporting leagues – including the French domestic leagues – were suspended from 13 March. For March alone, ARJEL said, stakes were down 40%, having risen 11% over January and February.Amounts wagered on football were particularly affected by the sporting shut-down, falling to €635m for the quarter, though this was mitigated in part by growth in tennis (to €266.2m) and basetball stakes (to €188.3m).Ligues 1 and 2 were ultimately brought to a premature conclusion on 29 April, and this quarter-on-quarter decline in amounts wagered was the first recorded in nine years.Despite this, sports betting revenue continued to grow, rising 18.5% to €263m in Q1, a new quarterly record for the vertical that was aided by operator-friendly results, ARJEL said. However, the regulator pointed out that March’s sporting suspensions had weighed heavily on results; GGR had been up 48% year-on-year at the end of February, it noted.While the average number of player accounts active per week grew 2.3% across the three month period, ARJEL once again noted that this masked a sharp drop-off in March. Following the suspension of major sports, it said, the average number of active accounts per week dropped to 220,000.For horse race betting, amounts wagered grew 9.9% to €300m in Q1, despite French racing’s suspension from 17 March. After that date, only betting on foreign racing was available, with the Ministry of Agriculture adding a number of new international races to the list of approved betting markets to help operators.While ARJEL noted that French racing usually accounts for 90% of amounts wagered, it said amounts wagered in Q1 2020 represented the highest three-month total in seven years. Revenue for the vertical was up 10.4% to €74m, suggesting that the pace of growth was accelerating.However, average weekly active account numbers fell marginally to 153,000. This again masked a steeper decline following the suspension of French racing, ARJEL said, with active account numbers dropping to 126,000 in the final two weeks of the quarter.While Covid-19 only impacted the final two weeks of Q1, ARJEL said its full effects would be shown in the consolidated results for the second quarter of 2020, ended 30 June, and in subsequent quarters. The country’s horse racing resumed from 11 May, with many retail betting outlets now in the process of reopening. Subscribe to the iGaming newsletter Regions: Europe Western Europe France 8th June 2020 | By contenteditorlast_img read more

New Mauritius Hotels Limited ( 2014 Annual Report

first_imgNew Mauritius Hotels Limited ( listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius under the Tourism sector has released it’s 2014 annual report.For more information about New Mauritius Hotels Limited ( reports, abridged reports, interim earnings results and earnings presentations, visit the New Mauritius Hotels Limited ( company page on AfricanFinancials.Document: New Mauritius Hotels Limited (  2014 annual report.Company ProfileNew Mauritius Hotels Limited indulges in the hospitality sector primarily, where together with the company’s subsidiaries, it operates through four segments; hotel operations, tour operating, airline and inland catering, and property development. Respectively, the hotel operations segment covers operations in Mauritius, Seychelles, and Morocco. The tour operations segment involves activities in Mauritius, France, the United Kingdom, Italia, and South Africa. The flight and inland catering segment caters to operations in Mauritius. The property development segment refers to activities in Morocco and to be started in Mauritius. New Mauritius Hotels Limited is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.last_img read more

RDC Properties Limited ( 2015 Abridged Report

first_imgRDC Properties Limited ( listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange under the Property sector has released it’s 2015 abridged results.For more information about RDC Properties Limited ( reports, abridged reports, interim earnings results and earnings presentations, visit the RDC Properties Limited ( company page on AfricanFinancials.Document: RDC Properties Limited (  2015 abridged results.Company ProfileRDC Properties Limited is a property management, development and rental company in Botswana. It also has interests in Madagascar through a Mauritian-based subsidiary. The company develops and manages commercial, industrial and residential developments which are based in prime locations in major towns and cities of Botswana. RDC Properties Limited offers long-term value to its shareholders through construction income, rental income, hospitality income, capital appreciation and the sale of premium properties. Landmark properties in its portfolio include Masa Centre, Standard Chartered House, Chobe Marina Lodge and Isalo Rock Lodge. RDC Properties is investigating investment opportunities to expand its footprint in South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia.last_img read more

African Sun Limited 2016 Abridged Report

first_imgAfrican Sun Limited ( listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange under the Tourism sector has released it’s 2016 abridged results.For more information about African Sun Limited ( reports, abridged reports, interim earnings results and earnings presentations, visit the African Sun Limited ( company page on AfricanFinancials.Document: African Sun Limited (  2016 abridged results.Company ProfileAfrican Sun Limited is a hospitality management company that is involved in the running of hotels, resorts, casinos and timeshare operations in Zimbabwe and South Africa. It operates through four divisions; Hotels Under Management, Hotels Under Franchise, Owner-managed Hotels and the Victoria Falls Hotel Partnership. Established in 1968 as Zimbabwe Sun Limited, the company has grown in stature to include Legacy Hospitality Management Services Limited which manages five hotels, and the InterContinental Hotels Group. Prestigious hotel brands in African Sun Limited’s expansive portfolio include The Victoria Falls Hotel, Holiday Inn, Great Zimbabwe Hotel and The Caribbea Bay Resort. African Sun Limited is a constituent of the Zimbabwe Industrial Index. African Sun Limited is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchangelast_img read more

Mechanical Lloyd Company Limited ( Q32018 Interim Report

first_imgMechanical Lloyd Company Limited ( listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange under the Engineering sector has released it’s 2018 interim results for the third quarter.For more information about Mechanical Lloyd Company Limited ( reports, abridged reports, interim earnings results and earnings presentations, visit the Mechanical Lloyd Company Limited ( company page on AfricanFinancials.Document: Mechanical Lloyd Company Limited (  2018 interim results for the third quarter.Company ProfileMechanical Lloyd Company Limited markets and distributes motor vehicles and farm machinery in Ghana. The company has the exclusive agency for BMW (cars and motorbikes), Ford and Land Rover as well as Massey Ferguson agricultural machinery and Lucas products. Mechanical Lloyd company also sells motor spares and parts and has a services department for repair and maintenance of motor vehicles and farm machinery. The company was formerly known as Technical Lloyd and changed its name to Mechanical Lloyd Company Limited in 1970. The company’s head office is in Accra, Ghana. Mechanical Lloyd Company Limited is listed on the Ghana Stock Exchangelast_img read more

Three trends to watch at the Oscars tonight

first_img Florida gas prices jump 12 cents; most expensive since 2014 Please enter your comment! Gov. DeSantis says new moment-of-silence law in public schools protects religious freedom UF/IFAS in Apopka will temporarily house District staff; saves almost $400,000 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. TAGSOscarsthe Previous articleJewish Carnival Day calls for light and hopeNext articleThe best news of the week Denise Connell RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Please enter your name here By Charlie Keil, Principal of Innis College, Professor in the Cinema Studies Institute and Department of History, University of TorontoEditor’s Note: This article was first published on theconversation.comOver the course of its 90 years, the Academy Awards have been a constant cultural punching bag. Too timid, too mainstream, too predictable, and too white: all of these charges have been leveled at the Oscars, not without justification.Any awards body that decreed the distinctly mediocre The Greatest Show on Earth as the greatest movie of 1952 in the same year that it denied the sublime Singin’ in the Rain a nomination for the same honor clearly knows how to get things monumentally wrong. And anyone who has traced the long line of Oscar missteps can find many additional opportunities for head scratching.In the late 1930s, for example, a high point in Hollywood’s production history, the best the Academy could come up with for its Best Picture winners in the years 1936-38 were The Great Ziegfeld, The Life of Emile Zola, and You Can’t Take it With You (the latter at least a Capra film, but second-rate Capra); meanwhile, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (much better Capra), The Awful Truth, and The Adventures of Robin Hood (not to mention Grand Illusion from France) were never recognized.Going My Way over Double Indemnity? The Sting trumping Cries and Whispers? Rocky KOing Taxi Driver? Forrest Gump the superior of Pulp Fiction? The choices would be lamentable if they weren’t laughable.But we continue to care about the Oscars, to invest in their bad decisions and celebrate when the Academy gets it right.Pulp Fiction lost out to Forrest Gump for Best Picture in 1994. MiramaxAnd for those who care about the future of American movies, and how this particular prize, more so than any other, can aid in promoting the profile of quality filmmaking, it matters that the Academy ultimately makes defendable choices.Assessing this year’s crop of nominees, one can detect certain trends that indicate where the Oscars are heading and why. I offer three, all of them holding out the promise that the Academy is in little danger of making a gaffe on the order of Around the World in 80 Days(1956’s baffling choice for Best Picture) anytime soon.Trend #1: Auteurs ruleBack in the 1950s, when French critics from Cahiers du Cinéma devised la politique des auteurs, it was considered a revolutionary approach to elevate the film director to the status of the creative wellspring of a film, especially when the film in question came from the factories of Hollywood.Time has validated the preferences of the Cahiers writers (many of whom would become the driving force behind la Nouvelle Vague, and auteurs in their own right). Now, even casual moviegoers recognize that the name David Fincher or Wes Anderson attached to a new release automatically elevates it to the status of film art. And the Academy has fallen in line with critical orthodoxy.Rarely does one find that the choices for Best Director are not also the auteurs behind the nominees for Best Picture. If a film is sufficiently accomplished to be a Best Picture contender, it must have been directed by a distinguished filmmaker.Guillermo del Toro, seen here at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, is a favourite for Best Director for his film The Shape of Water. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Christopher KatsarovTake this year’s crop of nominees: all five have directed films that are considered leading contenders for Best Picture, and the apparent frontrunner, Guillermo del Toro, is the unmistakable visionary responsible for The Shape of Water, the film that received 13 nominations, the most of all the films in contention.In the bad old days, an undeniable auteur like Orson Welles could see his entire career reduced to a single nomination as Best Director (for Citizen Kane, predictably), and one of Cahiers’ great heroes, and the consummate classical craftsman, Howard Hawks, similarly managed to garner only one nomination from the Academy (and that, inexplicably, for Sergeant York). Charlie Chaplin came away empty-handed, if one doesn’t count the Special Award that he received in 1929 for The Circus. Collectively, Fritz Lang, Sam Peckinpah and Spike Lee have zero nominations. (At least Lee, like Hawks before him, finally received an honorary award as a form of atonement from the Academy.)But now, the Academy seems prepared to acknowledge the foremost directors of the current generation with nominations in the category, and idiosyncratic talents as diverse as Richard Linklater, David O. Russell, Alexander Payne and Darren Aronofsky won’t suffer the fate of never-nominated Sergio Leone.Trend #2: Film festivals matterIf you ever doubted the predictive power of film festival success, dispel that thought immediately. The Toronto International Film Festival has successfully bestowed its People’s Choice Award winner on five films that eventually also became the Oscar Best Picture of their respective years. It could happen again this year if strong contender (and TIFF victor) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri pulls ahead of The Shape of Water.Frances McDormand speaks during a press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival for her movie Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris DonovanThe Shape of Water, for its part, triumphed at Venice, while Sundance, in an impressive showing, featured the premieres of Get Out, The Big Sick, Mudbound and Call Me by Your Name, while Telluride featured Lady Bird and The Darkest Hour. Even Dunkirk managed to squeeze out a film festival appearance via a special IMAX encore at TIFF. Only last-minute entries in the awards race, like Phantom Thread and The Post, bypassed the royal road of pre-release festival premieres, leading to critical hosannas. (And even they got into the act by appearing at the Palm Springs Film Festival after opening commercially, albeit in 2018.)What this should tell us is that no film that hopes to have a chance of a Best Picture nomination dares skip a berth at a prominent film festival. (Are you listening, Black Panther?) It also signals that the Academy is declaring its allegiance to festival fare, abandoning with ever more steely determination any dalliances with high-budget quality filmmaking.The Academy is pretty much committed to the festival circuit at this point, and that seems unlikely to change.Trend #3: Critics’ awards matter even moreAs important as film festivals may be to a film’s ultimate Oscar chances, it is the awards from critics’ organizations that tend to determine whether the festival springboard will result in a swan dive or a belly flop. It was not always so.Beginning in the 1970s, for example, the New York Film Critics Circle began to demonstrate its critical autonomy, often opting for edgier, more auteur-oriented fare, while the Academy stuck to the middlebrow lane.So, from 1970 to 1979, another high-water mark for American filmmaking, the NYFCC differed from the Academy in their choices seven years in a row, before coming to agreement with Annie Hall. If the taste of the two organizations began to converge with greater regularity in the 1980s, by the mid-1990s they were at variance again.And even if the winners for Best Picture often diverge about two years out of three on average, the point is that now the Academy’s choices don’t seem any less informed by critical consensus than those of the NYFCC. In other words, if one were to stack up the Academy’s recent choices for Best Picture against those of the NYFCC, one would be hard-pressed to guess which group picked which film.When the NYFCC went with American Hustle, the Academy opted for 12 Years a Slave, scarcely the more commercial or less critically revered choice. Similarly, last year (to the surprise of many), the Oscar went to Moonlight, with the NYFCC choosing Oscar-bait musical La La Land.Lady Bird has been chosen by the New York Film Critics Circle as the Best Picture of 2017. Will the Oscars follow suit?This year, the NYFCC has already cast its lot with Lady Bird, as did the even more choosy National Society of Film Critics. Yet one can scarcely claim the Academy has ignored that critical darling, bestowing five nominations upon Greta Gerwig’s film, all of them in major categories.The take-away is this: the membership of the Academy is becoming more like that of a critics’ association with every passing year. Looking at this year’s list of nominees, it’s hard to find one glaring misstep.The inclusion of questionable choices like The Blind Side and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (I had to check the internet to verify that one, because even now it seems like an Extremely Obvious Mistake) from several years ago is now a thing of the past, and it will likely stay that way.Now, some may bemoan the Academy’s shift away from supporting the Marvel universe or the latest Star Wars installment. (If you fall in that camp, not to worry, there will always be Visual Effects and those two Sound awards that are hard to tell apart.) But ultimately, this is good news for moviegoers.If people are unlikely to rely on film critics in the digital world order where social media create a din of clashing opinions, then perhaps the viewer looking for guidance can finally trust the Academy Awards. And that means we will never have to worry about a remake of The Greatest Show on Earth making a visit to the Oscars. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply You have entered an incorrect email address! Please enter your email address herelast_img read more

University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman to Serve as Commencement Speaker of Caltech’s Commencement Ceremony

first_img faithfernandez More » ShareTweetShare on Google+Pin on PinterestSend with WhatsApp,PCC – EducationVirtual Schools PasadenaDarrell Done EducationHomes Solve Community/Gov/Pub SafetyPASADENA EVENTS & ACTIVITIES CALENDARClick here for Movie Showtimes More Cool Stuff Business News Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Pasadena Will Allow Vaccinated People to Go Without Masks in Most Settings Starting on Tuesday Make a comment Pasadena’s ‘626 Day’ Aims to Celebrate City, Boost Local Economy Education University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman to Serve as Commencement Speaker of Caltech’s Commencement Ceremony From STAFF REPORTS Published on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 | 5:39 pm First Heatwave Expected Next Week Community News Top of the News center_img Community News Name (required)  Mail (required) (not be published)  Website  EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT | FOOD & DRINK | THE ARTS | REAL ESTATE | HOME & GARDEN | WELLNESS | SOCIAL SCENE | GETAWAYS | PARENTS & KIDS 2 recommended0 commentsShareShareTweetSharePin it Get our daily Pasadena newspaper in your email box. Free.Get all the latest Pasadena news, more than 10 fresh stories daily, 7 days a week at 7 a.m. HerbeautyPretty Or Not: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About BeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyAmazing Sparks Of On-Screen Chemistry From The 90-sHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeauty10 Special Beauty Tips That Make Indian Women So BeautifulHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyStop Eating Read Meat (Before It’s Too Late)HerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyInstall These Measures To Keep Your Household Safe From Covid19HerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeauty15 Countries Where Men Have Difficulties Finding A WifeHerbeautyHerbeauty Subscribe University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman will serve as the commencement speaker for the California Institute of Technology’s 119th Commencement Ceremony on Friday, it was announced today.Since becoming president at the University of Michigan in 2002, Coleman has become known as a leading champion of interdisciplinary education, a proponent of international educational partnerships, according to a news statement.She has become a technology pioneer through her collaboration with Google that will open the University of Michigan’s seven-million-volume library to people around the world, according to the news statement.Coleman is also one of six university presidents to help launch the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, bringing together industry, universities, and the federal government around investment and development of emerging technologies.Caltech’s 119th Commencement Ceremony takes place 10 a.m. Friday at Beckman Hall, at Michigan Avenue and Del Mar Boulevard, where the school will honor approximately 261 Bachelor of Science graduates, 95 Master of Science graduates, two engineers and 236 Doctor of Philosophy graduates, according to the news statement.For full details on Caltech’s 119th commencement ceremony go to Home of the Week: Unique Pasadena Home Located on Madeline Drive, Pasadenalast_img read more

CGTN:Xi Jinping adresse ses vœux pour le Nouvel an chinois dans un contexte prospère…

first_img TAGS  Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp PÉKIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–févr. 9, 2021– Le président chinois Xi Jinping a fait part de ses vœux de nouvelle année au peuple chinois de tous horizons ethniques, en souhaitant bonheur et prospérité pour tous. Ce communiqué de presse contient des éléments multimédias. Voir le communiqué complet ici : Le président Xi, également secrétaire général du Parti communiqué du Comité central chinois, a adressé ses vœux durant une visite d’observation dans la province du Guizhou à l’occasion du Nouvel an chinois, qui tombe le 12 février cette année. “Je tiens à faire part de mes meilleurs vœux pour le festival de printemps aux personnes de tous les groupes ethniques dans le pays. Je leur souhaite la santé, le bonheur pour leurs familles, une carrière enrichissante et une année du Bœuf sous les meilleurs auspices. Je souhaite également une prospérité pérenne pour notre grand patrie, avec ses montagnes et fleuves magnifiques”, ajoute Xi. Durant sa visite, le président Xi s’est notamment rendu dans la ville de Bijie et dans la capitale provinciale Guiyang, ainsi que dans un village, une communauté résidentielle et un supermarché, entre mercredi et vendredi. Il a également rencontré des chefs de projet et des scientifiques du projet Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) à Guizhou. Destiné à être le télescope radio le plus sensible au monde, le projet FAST est entré en activité le 11 janvier 2020. Lors de la rencontre de vendredi avec des scientifiques, le président Xi a encouragé l’innovation scientifique et rappelé qu’il s’agit là d’une force incontournable du développement de la Chine. Le président Xi a également parlé en termes élogieux des progrès réalisés l’année précédente dans la province de Guizhou, après avoir écouté, vendredi, un rapport de travail élaboré par le Comité du Parti communiste chinois de la province de Guizhou et le gouvernement provincial. Il a rappelé que le développement innovant est un prérequis nécessaire pour promouvoir les nouveaux paradigmes de développement de la Chine et a encouragé l’accélération des efforts d’intégration du big data et de l’économie réelle afin de renforcer les industries convergentes stratégiques. Des efforts supplémentaires doivent être réalisés pour stimuler la demande de la consommation et pour développer de nouveaux modèles de consommation, dans l’optique de libérer pleinement le potentiel dans ce domaine, a ajouté Xi Jinping. Il a invité à la mise en place d’une transition efficace pour consolider les progrès en matière d’atténuation de la pauvreté et de revitalisation rurale. Le président Xi a également exprimé toute sa confiance en l’avenir de la région, et a prôné de nouveaux accomplissements en termes de construction de la civilisation écologique. Il convient de poursuivre sur la voie d’un développement de haute qualité donnant la priorité à l’écologie et mettant en valeur un développement respectueux de l’environnement, a ajouté le président, tout en rappelant que la prospérité commune reste un des principaux objectifs de la modernisation sociale; et que le gouvernement se doit d’accompagner les minorités ethniques dans la promotion des industries compétitives et l’épanouissement des cultures. Le président a mis en exergue plusieurs aspects sur lesquels le gouvernement doit travailler en matière de prestations sociales, notamment l’enseignement, le logement, l’emploi, la prévention des maladies, le système contrôle et la production sécurisée. Xi a également souligné que l’Armée rouge a passé le plus de temps à Guizhou durant la Longue Marche, et qu’elle y a laissé des trésors spirituels inestimables. Et d’ajouter que la Conférence Zunyi, qui se tient dans la municipalité de Zunyi, représente un point d’orgue dans l’histoire du Parti. La rencontre a porté sur la rectification des erreurs et déployé un leadership adapté pour le nouveau Comité central, à l’image de Mao Zedong, a conclut le président Xi, qui a souligné que ces engagements sont encore d’actualité. Pour l’article original, veuillez cliquer ici. Le texte du communiqué issu d’une traduction ne doit d’aucune manière être considéré comme officiel. La seule version du communiqué qui fasse foi est celle du communiqué dans sa langue d’origine. La traduction devra toujours être confrontée au texte source, qui fera jurisprudence. Consultez la version source sur : CONTACT: Médias: Jiang Simin [email protected] +86 18826553286 KEYWORD: CHINA ASIA PACIFIC INDUSTRY KEYWORD: PUBLIC POLICY/GOVERNMENT TECHNOLOGY OTHER TECHNOLOGY OTHER GOVERNMENT OTHER SCIENCE SCIENCE SOURCE: CGTN Copyright Business Wire 2021. PUB: 02/09/2021 12:57 AM/DISC: 02/09/2021 12:57 AM Facebook Facebook CGTN:Xi Jinping adresse ses vœux pour le Nouvel an chinois dans un contexte prospère pour la Chinecenter_img WhatsApp Twitter Local NewsBusiness By Digital AIM Web Support – February 8, 2021 Pinterest Previous articleCGTN:Xi Jinping sendet chinesische Neujahrsgrüße und wünscht ein prosperierendes ChinaNext articleAroma Bit erhält zusätzliches Investitionskapital von Epson X Investment, Kyocera und TechAccel Ventures Digital AIM Web Supportlast_img read more

Security alert in Strabane

first_img Security alert in Strabane Facebook Google+ WhatsApp RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Twitter Pinterest Further drop in people receiving PUP in Donegal Previous articleDonegal students Leaving and Junior cert exams begin todayNext articleDonegal based company closes three paper titles News Highland Main Evening News, Sport and Obituaries Tuesday May 25th Pinterest Google+center_img 365 additional cases of Covid-19 in Republic Man arrested on suspicion of drugs and criminal property offences in Derry 75 positive cases of Covid confirmed in North Twitter WhatsApp By News Highland – June 9, 2010 A security alert is underway in Strabane following the discovery of a suspicious device in the town.The device, believed to be a pipe bomb, was found on Carlton Drive in Melmount Road area of town.It was discovered in a parking bay close to a children’s play area shortly after 10am. Facebook Newsx Adverts Gardai continue to investigate Kilmacrennan firelast_img read more

Four motorists clocked speeding in Donegal

first_img Google+ Google+ Homepage BannerNews Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programme Four motorists clocked speeding in Donegal Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows Four drivers have been clocked speeding in Donegal over the weekend. Gardai in Buncrana clocked a motorist driving at almost 90km in a 50 zone while three motorists were caught driving in excess of the 100km in the Letterkenny area.The three were driving at 134km, 127km and 126km respectively.Gardai are reminding people that speeding kills and to slow down. Pinterest Pinterest WhatsApp Facebook News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th center_img Twitter WhatsApp Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA Facebook RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR By News Highland – April 6, 2021 Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic Previous articleFurther calls for pop-up testing centres in DonegalNext articleWeekend break-in while Mass underway at Cathedral News Highland DL Debate – 24/05/21 Twitterlast_img read more